Surrounding special needs families with caring people and needed services. 

Our Purpose

To provide hope and help to individuals and families with special needs by connecting them to people, resources and services.

Our Perspective

All people need dignity, value, purpose, spiritual enrichment and community life. Families affected by disability have a greater challenge finding the people, resources and services they need. Lives Restored finds and connects people, resources and services in order to bridge the gap.

Our Focus

Surrounding special needs families with caring people and needed services requires both individual commitment and intentional co-operation.

Our focus areas are:

  • Family Support Services - Retreats; Respite and Encouragement; Friendship and Counseling; and Community Resource Connections.
  • Life Needs Assistance - Life Skill Coaching; Transportation, Housing and Employment Assistance; Network Awareness; and Socialization for Individuals and Families.
  • Community Education and Equipping - Consulting and Training; Advocacy and Justice; and Mobilizing Volunteers. 
  • Equipment Acquisition Assistance - Recycling of Medical Equipment; and Acquisition of Equipment to Meet Needs.